Secretary Gale Norton
U.S. Department of Interior
1849 C Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20240

December 23, 2002

Dear Secretary Norton:

One of the world's most magnificent wild species is endangered, and we're writing to ask for your immediate help to save it.

This natural treasure is the beluga sturgeon (Huso huso) - source of coveted beluga caviar. As members of the food industry and lovers of seafood, we have long enjoyed the privilege of offering to consumers the best the ocean has to offer. However, sometimes demand can be so high for one kind of seafood that its very popularity can drive it to collapse.

The global caviar market has placed a premium on sturgeon, provoking overfishing and rampant illegal trade. We are concerned that the beluga sturgeon population in the Caspian Sea has plummeted by more than 90 percent in the past twenty years.

We commend the United States Fish & Wildlife Service's recent proposal to list beluga sturgeon under the Endangered Species Act. We strongly support the listing and believe it will help protect beluga sturgeon right away by generating public awareness and by halting imports of beluga caviar. By taking this step forward, the U.S. government will allay the immense pressure on beluga sturgeon and improve its prospects for survival. We recognize that protecting this species now will help ensure that future generations might be able to enjoy beluga caviar again. We urge you to:

1) List beluga sturgeon as an endangered species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act , which would end the legal importation of beluga sturgeon and beluga caviar into the United States; and

2) Pursue a halt in international trade in beluga caviar through uplisting beluga sturgeon to Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. An Appendix I listing would end international trade in beluga sturgeon and caviar.

This is a critical situation that will require a sustained commitment from governments, food professionals, chefs and ultimately, consumers around the world for many years to come. As chefs and retailers of seafood, some of us have removed beluga caviar from our offerings and replaced it with sustainable varieties. All of us are dedicated to ensuring lasting and diverse seafood supplies for future generations. Thank you for your consideration.

The Undersigned

Chefs and Food Professionals in Support of Beluga Sturgeon Endangered Listing
Original Signatures on File with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Cameron Bolender
Mesa, AZ

Ferdinando Divina
Phoenix, AZ

Derek McCarthy
Healdsburg, CA

Betty Evans
Hermosa Beach, CA

Timothy L. Wilson
La Jolla, CA

Jeanette Holley
Los Angeles, CA

LeRoy Blanchard
Los Angeles, CA

Suzanne Goin
Los Angeles, CA

Tony Baker
Monterey, CA

Jill Silverman Hough
Napa, CA

James Ulcickas
Newport Beach, CA

Deborah Wagman
Newport Beach, CA

Kerry L. Heffernan
Oakland, CA

Cynthia Walter
Pacific Grove, CA

Lisa Capozzi
Palo Alto, CA

Marc Zammit
Palo Alto, CA

Andrea Linton
Petaluma, CA

Rebecca Ets-Hokin
Tiburon, CA

David Hance
Ukiah, CA

Mitzie Cutler
Woodland Hills, CA

Thomas Arbuckle
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Daniel Long
Redwood Shores, CA

Brian Streeter
Rutherford, CA

Ken Frank
Rutherford, CA

Darrell Corti
Sacramento, CA

M. Alicia Oldfield
Sacramento, CA

Marilyn Biggica
San Deigo, CA

Lance Shelton
San Diego, CA

Andrew Spurgin
San Diego, CA

Mark Franz
San Francisco, CA

Katherine Withers Cobbs
San Francisco, CA

Larry Bain
San Francisco, CA

Amaryll Schwertner
San Francisco, CA

Josiah Citrin
Santa Monica, CA

Scott Snyder
Santa Rosa, CA

Paul Wade
Seal Beach, CA

Mark S. Tydell
Seal Beach, CA

RJ Harrington, Jr.
Boulder, CO

Jeffrey Saudo
Denver, CO

Richard Warner
Pueblo, CO

Stephen T. Parker
Sedalia, CO

Jacques Wilson
Steamboat Springs, CO

David F. Breton
Danbury, CT

Jacques Pepin
Madison, CT

Eddy Joseph Noel
Monroe, CT

James Petrizzo
Old Saybrook, CT

Carole Peck
Woodbury, CT

Brad Wilcox
Washington, DC

Nora Pouillon
Washington, DC

Andrew Rosen
Aventura, FL

Susan P. Ferry
Key West, FL

Colin Roche
West Palm Beach, FL

Rick Scalise
West Palm Beach, FL

William Lyman
Alpharetta, GA

Chris McCook
Athens, GA

H. Lamar Thomas
Athens, GA

Arva Caren Weinstein
Athens, GA

Ricky Warren
Atlanta, GA

Kurt D'Aurizio
Atlanta, GA

Louis Lindic
Atlanta, GA

Scott Serpas
Duluth, GA

JB Balesky
Peachtree City, GA

David P. Geyer II
Tucker, GA

Paul Heerlein
Kealakekua, HI

Amy Ford
Chicago, IL

Edward Zita
Chicago, IL

Michael Kornick
Chicago, IL

Matthew Koury
Chicago, IL

Elaine Sikorski
Evanston, IL

Kyle S. Cooper
Gurnee, IL

Terry D. Bird
Herrin, IL

John Luchtel
Lisle, IL

Alison Reich
Northfield, IL

Lewis B. Shuckman
Louisville, KY

Kevin Kinsey
Houma, LA

Lee Sands
New Orleans, LA

Paul Rockwell
Prairieville, LA

D. Chris Douglass
Boston, MA

Robert M. Davis
Cambridge, MA

Brian Hill
Chestnut Hill, MA

Robert Patchel
Falmouth, MA

Mark Orcutt
Plymouth, MA

Curtis Hugh Eargle
Baltimore, MD

Otis Monroe
Chestertown, MD

Leonardo M. Pugeda
Potomac, MD

Howard U. Smith III
Falmouth, ME

Robert Smith
Ogunquit, ME

Jimmy Schmidt
Detroit, MI

Rajeev Patgaonkar
East Lansing, MI

Rick Halberg
Northville, MI

Lance Pearn
Troy, MI

Francesco Costanzo
Warren, MI

Mark Haugen
Edina, MN

Sally Eason
Canton, NC

Gwen Higgins
Chapel Hill, NC

Brett Fennings
Chapel Hill, NC

Silvio Guzzo
Bradley Beach, NJ

Mark Kulkowitz
Cape May, NJ

Louis S. Ferretti
Deptford, NJ

June Jacobs
Jersey City, NJ

Roger Bilin
Westwood, NJ

Francis Schott
New Brunswick, NJ

Brian R. Murphy
Athens, NY

Christine Sheppard
Bronx, NY

David Silver
Brooklyn, NY

Shelley Boris
Garrison, NY

Mark Filippo
Hartsdale, NY

Etienne Merle
Ithaca, NY

Scott Murray
Morrisonville, NY

Waldy Malouf
New York, NY

John A. Halligan
New York, NY

Rick Moonen
New York, NY

Peter Hoffman
New York, NY

Patrick Martins
New York, NY

Denise Shoukas
New York, NY

Richard Smilow
New York, NY

Ulli Stachl
New York, NY

Gerard Veraldi
New York, NY

Douglas Gulija
South Hampton, NY

Ray McCue
Staten Island, NY

Dennis F. Young
Stony Brook, NY

Tony N. Sekine
Westbury, NY

Jay Lippin
New York, NY

Jorge Aduizola
New York, NY

Richard Grausman
New York, NY

Louis Silver
New York, NY

Katherine Alford
New York, NY

Georgia Downard
New York, NY

Deborah Mintcheff
New York, NY

Anthony Scotto Jr.
New York, NY

Michel Nischan
New York, NY

Bill Telepan
New York, NY

André Jammet
New York, NY

Renee Marton
New York, NY

Jean-Michel Bergougnoux
New York, NY

Eric Ripert
New York, NY

Wayne Nish
New York, NY

Katy Keck
New York, NY

Neil Murphy
New York, NY

Richard Turcsik
New York, NY

Ryan Ivey
Akron, OH

Mel Dacanay
Canton, OH

John Streit
Cleveland, OH

Chip Pritchard
Kettering, OH

Thomas Smith
Worthington, OH

Stu Stein
Ashland, OR

Larry Nelson
Lincoln City, OR

Kenneth Giambalvo
Portland, OR

Catherine Whims
Portland, OR

Greg Higgins
Portland, OR

Greg Schwab
Portland, OR

Carol Paul
Acme, PA

Thomas R. Hunter
Allentown, PA

Martha Neff
Allentown, PA

Blake Swihart
Chester Springs, PA

Robert Miller
Lancaster, PA

Mitchell Arment
Myerstown, PA

Weaver Lilley
Philadelphia, PA

Derek Davis
Philadelphia, PA

Judy Wicks
Philadelphia, PA

Tell Erhardt
Upper Black Eddy, PA

Randall E. Goldman
Charleston, SC

Michael Kramer
Charleston, SC

James Brailsford
Columbia, SC

Roger Mollett
Austin, TX

Tony Sansalone
Austin, TX

Gregory Dishman
Austin, TX

Nan Hanus
Blanco, TX

R. L. Ebrey
Dallas, TX

Joseph R. Apa
Houston, TX

Timothy Keating
Houston, TX

Dolores Snyder
Irving, TX

Terry Anderson
West Columbia, TX

Timothy Grandinetti
Dulles, VA

Vincent Deluise
Flint Hill, VA

Christopher La Tora
Midlothian, VA

Ben Southard
Radford, VA

David Merrill
Vergennes, VT

Cassandra Wright
Bellingham, WA

Holly Smith
Kirkland, WA

Johnathan Sundstrom
Seattle, WA

Laurie Lomard
Seattle, WA

Charlie Durham
Seattle, WA

Jerry Traunfeld
Woodinville, WA

Becky J. Kirchman
Algoma, WI

Gregory A. Wozniak
Germantown, WI

A.H. Sturgis
Milwaukee, WI

Donald Schmid
Milwaukee, WI

R.J. Rogers, Jr.
Sheridan, WY

Susan Fowells
Portland, OR

Patricia Unterman
San Francisco, CA




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