A Better Choice: American Caviars

Following are a few examples of caviars that are a better choice than those from wild, endangered Caspian sturgeons. Caviar Emptor compiled this list of suppliers from our research and discussions with the industry.  Caviar Emptor does not, however, endorse or certify these businesses.  This list merely seeks to highlight those businesses offering better environmental choices in caviar.  We strongly encourage you to visit supplier web sites, engage in conversations with these businesses, and ask questions about their operations.  In the end, it is up to you to determine your own level of comfort with your caviar sources.

Farmed White Sturgeon Caviar
Consider Sterling Caviar
Phone: 800-525-0333
Web site: www.sterlingcaviar.com

Farmed Paddlefish Roe
Consider L’Osage
Contact: Steve Kahrs
Phone: 573-348-2305 

Farmed Rainbow Trout Roe
Consider Sunburst Trout Company
Phone: 800-673-3051
Web site: www.sunbursttrout.com 

Whitefish Roe
Consider Mountain Lake Fisheries
Phone: 888-809-0826
Website: www.whitefishcaviar.com

Wild Pacific Salmon Roe
Consider Cossack Caviar
Phone: 360-466-0176


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