Caviar Nouveau: Celebrate Exciting New Caviars from the United States

Join us for a celebration of great-tasting caviars at your area restaurant this holiday season!

Some of the nation’s top restaurants are teaming up with the Caviar Emptor campaign to feature Caviar Nouveau, great-tasting caviars from sturgeon, paddlefish and trout farmed in the United States as well as wild Alaska salmon. The promotion will highlight these delicious and eco-friendly caviars as a win-win situation for connoisseurs who are concerned about Caspian Sea sturgeon, whose population plummeted in recent decades.

Visit a participating restaurant in your area to sample sustainable caviar special today!

Participating Restaurants

American Caviar Trio

A Seasonal Sampler of hand selected caviar for discriminating palates who value quality, freshness and stewardship of the land and sea.

Caviar lovers will enjoy expanding their culinary horizons with this sampler of delicious gourmet caviars made in the United States. The trio includes one ounce each of white sturgeon caviar, paddlefish roe and rainbow trout roe. The caviar from white sturgeon has been likened to osetra, with a nutty flavor that is both smooth and robust. Paddlefish roe, smaller than sturgeon eggs, yields a fresh flavor and delicate texture. The brightly colored rainbow trout roe will delight the connoisseur with its mild and lively taste. These farm-raised American caviars are a better choice than caviars from rapidly declining Caspian Sea sturgeon.

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To place an order, visit, or call 800-673-3051.


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