Public Hearing On Proposal To List Beluga Sturgeon As Endangered

(December 5, 2002) -- The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service hosted a public hearing for its proposal to list beluga sturgeon under the U.S. Endangered Species Act at its facility in Arlington, VA. Caviar Emptor testified at the hearing, offering scientific evidence that shows beluga sturgeon are on the brink of extinction. The program said that a U.S. Endangered Species listing would provide the long-term protection necessary to help restore beluga sturgeon. The Fish & Wildlife Service must make a decision by July 31, 2003, but Caviar Emptor requested that the Service enact an emergency listing before the spring 2003 fishing season.


For more information or interviews with Caviar Emptor spokespeople, please contact Shannon Crownover ([email protected]) or Sunny Wu ([email protected]) at 202-483-9570. For more information and for a complete report on the decline of Caspian Sea sturgeon, see


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