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Caspian Fishermen
Bringing in Sturgeon

At a fishing spot in the Caspian region, Russian and Kazakh fishermen bring in the nets. A few beluga sturgeon were caught. These fish will be transported to a hatchery nearby for artificial reproduction.

Beluga Sturgeon
Struck in the Head

A Kazakh fisherman strikes a beluga sturgeon with a club after catching it from the Ural River in Kazakhstan.

Sturgeon Hatchery
Artificial Reproduction

Scientists use the Podushka method to extract sturgeon eggs for the production of sturgeon fingerings at a hatchery in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Sturgeon eggs and sperm are extracted without killing the fish.

Sturgeon Hatchery
Operations in Russia

Caviar Emptor marine biologist visits historical spawning habitat for beluga sturgeon on the Volga River and a sturgeon hatchery within the Volgograd Dam in Russia. Experts believe beluga sturgeon may no longer be reproducing in the wild due to overfishing, habitat loss and pollution. See comments from Dr. Ellen Pikitch, professor and director at the University of Miami's Pew Institute for Ocean Science.

Sturgeon Tagging
Training Workshop

At a hatchery in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, Caviar Emptor scientists train Kazakh scientists in fish tagging procedures. The U.S.-Kazakh team tag both hatchery-raised beluga fingerlings and adult beluga sturgeons caught from the Caspian Sea. The tagged fish are released into the Caspian Sea after the tagging, and their movements are monitored. Courtesy Khabar TV Station, Kazakhstan.

American Caviar:
Great Alternative to Caspian Caviar

Caviar varieties produced from sturgeon and paddlefish farmed in the United States offer excellent taste and are environmentally sustainable: a win-win situation for culinary professionals and consumers who are concerned about the sharp decline of sturgeon populations in the Caspian Sea. Click here to see comments from Vikki Spruill, president of SeaWeb, an ocean conservation organization, and from Chef Rick Moonen of Restaurant RM in New York City.

Caspian Fisherman Expresses
Concerns about Beluga Sturgeon

The captain of a Caspian Sea fishing brigade talks about the problems facing beluga sturgeon and what it will take to remedy the dire situation.

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